Hi-wall Split Inverter Air Conditioner

The Toshiba Inverter Cooling only PKCV series provides high capacities, high efficiencies and comfort, in high ambient temperatures up to 54°C outdoor air temperature.

Extremely silent operation

PKCV Quiet  function reduces noise from the indoor  unit to silent level and Comfort sleep  function guarantees a good night’s sleep.

User friendly wireless  remote  control
  • Quiet  mode & Comfort Sleep  operating indoor  at the lowest noise level
  • Hi Power capacity booster  to reach comfort set point very fast.
  • On-Off timer provides a very convenient automatic programmable stop function.
Toshiba Wi-Fi control  ready with Toshiba Home  AC Control adaptor
  • Enhance your comfort  at home or away.
  • Smart and efficient with easy scheduling with weekly timer.
  • Control up to 10 Toshiba Inverter air-conditioners.
  • Up to 5 users.
  • Easy grouping up to 3 zones.
  •  Secured connections.
Energy Efficiency
Quiet Performance
Industry Highest Air Flow

Energy Savings

  • All components are designed for easy removal and re-assembly ensuring that unit maintenance is easy and simple.
  • Step by step maintenance procedures have never been easier.
  • With the simple cleaning method, service staff can easily re-assemble for cleaning because Toshiba Inverter Air Conditioner provides:
    • Easily removable drainage pan with only 3 screws.
    • Easily removable evaporator fan.

Toshiba IAQ* filter

Toshiba IAQ’s technology strongly inhibits the reproduction process of harmful bacteria and viruses such as H5N1 Avian Influenza. With Toshiba IAQ, your family can breathe easy and your house will look like as if it has been spring cleaned.

Through its commitment to world-class efficiency, market leading technology and trusted quality, Toshiba Air Conditioning offers the latest products that offer tomorrow’s technology today and ensure optimum and dependable comfort with energy and cost savings.

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